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2007 House Bill 1810: Creating a project to monitor pesticide drift and its impact.
Introduced by Rep. Zack Hudgins (Tukwila) (D) on January 29, 2007
To create a pilot air monitoring project be initiated that supports the collection of pesticide drift data for use in evaluating the human health implications to workers and the public from pesticide drift. The project would be run by the Department of Health in cooperation with other state agencies and the two state research universities. The department would submit a report to the Legislature by April 1, 2009.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Select Committee on Environmental Health on January 29, 2007
Substitute offered to the House Select Committee on Environmental Health on February 28, 2007
To add a description of the intent of the monitoring program. Pilot project requirements are added to include assessing the project data using available reference concentrations and reference doses, and analyzing data in reference to inhalation, absorption, and various exposure risks over time, including cumulative risks. A requirement is added for the DOH to convene an advisory committee. Project monitoring and data collection include conventional and organic cropping systems and various application methods as appropriate. Definitions are revised.
Referred to the House Appropriations Committee on February 28, 2007